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Australian Story Writer Junior are excited to welcome 7 year old Oliver Young to the group. This is his first short story.


Legends of the Prince

by Oliver Young


Classic Childrens Stories
classic childrens stories
The Jungle Book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Peter Pan Through the Looking Glass The Wonderful Wizard of Oz A Little Princess The King of the Fairies The Story of the Brownie At the Foot of the Rainbow Ripple the Water-Sprite Eva's Visit to Fairy-Land

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From the greatest of Storytellers
From the greatest of Storytellers

Classic Novels

Sense and Sensibility Sara Crewe Wuthering Heights Tarzan of the Apes
Hounds of the Baskervilles Robinson Crusoe David Copperfield The Count of Monte Cristo King Solomon's Mines
Tess of the d'Urbervilles The Prisoner of Zenda The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Three Men in a Boat Lady Chatterly's Lover Moby Dick Anne of Green Gables The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu Frankenstein Gullivers Travels Treasure Island Dracular War and Peace The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Invisible Man
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Plus many More............

From the greatest of Storytellers

From the greatest of Storytellers 

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Disillusionment can be a great motivator, and when the only way out is up Jet learns that friends can be found in the most unlikely of places: that a courier service is much more than delivering parcels and that diamonds are everyone's best friends.


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A mummified hand twelve millienia old: a sacred symbol to some; a symbol of power to others. To the greedy a source of wealth, and to his enemies it could be Jets life.


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A call from a beautiful Merwoman has Jet and the crew carrying an empty box into hostile territory to face their nightmare.

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A city populated only by women; sounds like the place Jet Black would feel right at home, but a lesbos utopia it isnt when Mermen enslave the population; you've lost half the crew, and your branded a traitor.

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Series Five - To be Uploaded

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Sometimes legends are true

Series 1 - Stories 1 to 8


Series 2 - Stories 9 to 16


Series 3 - - Stories 17 to 24

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There is a time far, far into the future where all that has happened before is forgotten. A future where all people know of is a century's long war that raged even before the systems were colonized. Some believe that having the knowledge of how it began can bring it to an end, but changing the past has consequences that no one could have imagined.

Download book one - Return to the Beginning for free

Book Two - Assimilation - Available early 2018

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There comes a time when the last great war is almost forgotten: a time when people grow and make what they need for the simple lives they live. It is also a time of oppression; when overlords are suspicious of the people, for now is the time foretold …in the end devastation will be faced. Men will weep. Women will perish. Families will be orphaned. Ruin will reign. Hope will be gone. Death will give forth life. Out of the sun good will face evil in the un-winnable final battle. Evil will be ripped apart. Good will be cast into pieces. The prophecy will come to pass.

The legend of Quone-Loc-Sie is a side story to the Company Wars Chronicle with several characters appearing in both stories. Some of these characters are more developed in the Company Wars Chronicle.

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Amazon Book Reviews...

A Great Adventure....
I really enjoyed this very much !
It was hard to put down until the journey was complete. The Author did such a Great job writing this.

Exciting and different!
Very interesting and cleverly written. I thought the book was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. There was a lot of twists to the story, but I read it every chance that I could. I really enjoyed reading this book

Traditional folk and fairy tales

Young Readers

The Jungle Book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Peter Pan Through the Looking Glass The Wonderful Wizard of Oz A Little Princess The King of the Fairies The Story of the Brownie At the Foot of the Rainbow Ripple the Water-Sprite Eva's Visit to Fairy-Land
  Traditional folk and fairy tales

Short Stories & Novella

After the Dance Never Bet the Devil Your Head A Pair of Silk Stockings My Watch The Adventure of the Priory School The Great Revolution in Pitcairn The Locket The Pit and The Pendulum The Sphinx A Ghost Story
More Short Stories and Novella
  Ballads and Songs from some of histories finest poets


Ballads, Songs

Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson William Blake, Anna Barbauld,
Robert Burns, Alfred Tennyson

and more......


creepy talesSTAR

creepy tales

A frozen planet appears from the depths of space. From beneath its ice emerges an ancient city. When the crew of exploratory craft the Vern disappears, and with wild rumours of Zombies beginning to spread the race is on to find out what really happened.

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Poisoned ground

Left alone the rainforest will quickly take back what has been taken from it. Nature will obliterate the marks of human hands beneath vine and creeper… unless the legacy has so poisoned the soil it is beyond redemption. Then the wound may not heal. Year may pass upon year; lifetimes may come and go before the evil is purged from the ground, or until by fate someone happens onto the scene. A person who unknowingly can cleanse the ground, or unwillingly be corrupted with it…



Soul Stealers



Soul Stealers

What would Halloween parties be without spirits and ghosts… and old houses; but be sure, be very sure that there’s nothing there: living or dead, before you accept the invitation to step through the door


Amazon Book Reviews...

I was expecting a ghost story when I got this. A ghost story it is not. Turns out that it didn't matter at all. This was a pretty great tale. Grim, but at least it had a partly happy ending . I would recommend this story and author. I'm going to be reading more from him

This story packs alot of thrills into a short time frame. A young woman is reluctantly persuaded to
come along to a Halloween party held at a deserted "haunted mansion" in the (UK) countryside. Neither
she nor we could ever imagine what happens when the party ends.....The author has a great
imagination and I hope to read more from this author


Bloodthirsty Pirates: World War II; an Island paradise, and a stolen Ruby with mystical powers makes a leisurely sailing holiday anything but. Alone and trapped on an island two children must find a way to save their parents before the Shah’s mystic ruby brings time back into order.



Arguments, Opinions and Assertions that have changed the World
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin My Bondage and My Freedom Concerning Civil Government On the Duty of Civil Disobedience Common Sense Descartes My Escape From Slavery Ralph Waldo Emerson On Liberty Patriotism, a Menace to Liberty An American Slave On the Art of War The TAO TEH King
  Aesop fables, stories of morality

Aesops Fables

Stories of Morality

Most of the more popular, but not complete

  From the Iliad and Odyssey on through The History of Rome
to Beowulf

From the Iliad and Odyssey on through The History of Rome to Beowulf

Tales from Antiquity


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A forced landing is a pilot’s worst nightmare. The forced landing of an airliner, on the frigid wastes of Antarctica, is unimaginable. As winter draws its white cloak over the continent, rescue becomes impossible; hope slips away, and the ice entombs its victims. Years pass, generations come and go: alien contact is made, and the world is subjugated. Now the future depends on one man.


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A hotel at the edge of space; a close encounter with an asteroid, and a journey that no-one expected, go to prove that space tourism: the destination for those who have been everywhere, is not the place you want to be when things go wrong.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4




The Stories of

H.G. Wells


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Non fiction books by John Stevenson

143 Days Overland to Oz

In historical terms our lives are fleeting, we are born, live and die in the blink of an eye. For that reason this book is intended to make the writer immortal: not in the superhero style, but to the generations of family yet to be born. Written in diary style it tells of the reason and preparations for a journey across Europe and Asia on the legendary Hippy Trail in 1970; and how escaping the cold of an English winter became a journey of personal discovery that changed one line of an English families future, beyond anything they would have imagined

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Traditional folk and fairy tales

Click for more Traditional Folk & fairy Tales

The Ugly Duckling The Three Little Pigs Beauty and the Beast Cinderella The Emperors New Clothes The Golden Goose Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Pinocchio Goldilocks and the Three Bears Little Red Riding Hood The Monkey King The Tin Soldier Tom Thumb The Pied Piper The Elves and the Shoemaker
   Drama, comedy and tragedies from some of histories finest playwrights


Drama, Comedy and Tragedies

William Shakespear,Euripides, John Gay, Gaston Leroux, Sophocles



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